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We keep insurance claims and repairs straightforward, and stress-free, providing end to end management of the insurance repairs process.

Our extensive background in refurbishing properties for insurance repair claims means we know how the process works and we can navigate it seamlessly for you and your clients – ensuring no one is out of pocket.

Action Insurance Repair works closely with independent loss assessors to coordinate the insurance claim from start to finish, liaising with clients and insurers, providing quotations and negotiating settlements, and getting the repairs done

Take back your time and give the hassle to us!

How we work

As specialists in the industry, we know exactly the information the insurance company needs to approve a claim and assess liability. We provide end to end management of the insurance repairs process when disaster strikes to one of your client’s properties – using our skilled team of tradespeople and insurance specialists.

  1. We Assess the Damage

    • Independent loss assessors work alongside our building experts to assess the real extent of the damage and the workmanship involved in the refurbishment.
    • Following a site survey we provide a comprehensive report outlining the cause of damage,together with a quote in a format that insurers recognise and photographs evidencing the resulting damage.
  2. We Manage the Claims Process

    • One of our independent loss assessors will submit the quote to the insurance company and handle the claim, negotiating a favourable settlement on behalf of your client to more than adequately cover the cost of the repairs and other expenses.
  3. We Repair the Property

    • Damage to one’s home or business can be a truly stressful experience.Sometimes all your client needs is a trustworthy, reliable building company that understands the insurance sector and that’s Action Insurance Repair.
    • We undertake emergency repairs, strip out work, clean ups or organise quotes for drying equipment or other specialist services like packing, protecting and storing contents to facilitate the necessary repairs.

We’ll help you fulfil your duty of care to your client and repair the damage to a high standard – no matter how severe. And unlike other professionals we don’t charge fees. The quotation we provide is for our own team of tradesmen to undertake the repairs and for the repair project to be fully managed in-house.

So, how can we help you?

Are you a Loss Assessor looking for a reliable repair quote?

A Letting Agent looking for help to manage a client’s insurance repair?

Perhaps you’re an Insurance Broker whose client has an insurance repair claim?

Want to know more about how we can help?

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Why Action Insurance Repair?

Since the company launched in 2008, we have been working diligently, building our experience with both small and large claims, and we have all the in-house resource needed to assess, quote, and fix the damage.

Our highly skilled tradespeople specialise in refurbishing properties on a daily basis – understanding fully the extent of the damage, and the workmanship involved in any given project.

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