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Mould in residential property
01 May 2024

As promised in Autumn, our new service is live, and Mould Survey bookings are now open!

As promised in Autumn, our new service is live, and Mould Survey bookings are now open!

Following recent training to gain qualifications with the PCA, the Action Insurance Repair Team is now carrying out professional independent Mould Surveys on residential and commercial properties.

Mould growth in residential properties has been a problem for many years, particularly in the rental sector, although it has more recently spread into the private home owner sector.

The hike in utility bills over the last couple of years has caused many property owners and tenants to avoid turning the heating on for as long as possible in Autumn/Winter, to lessen energy costs. The same reasoning unfortunately means they’re also unlikely to ventilate the home when it’s particularly cold outside.

The root causes of mould growth are often tied to moisture intrusion, inadequate ventilation, or leaks, so the lack of ventilation and heat in a property will exacerbate any mould infestations.

Why is mould such a problem?

Mould growth poses a multitude of health concerns which can become serious if a person is exposed to mould over prolonged periods of time.

Mould associated with damp buildings can trigger ear, nose and throat problems, wheezing, difficulty breathing, respiratory infections, and worsen asthma and allergic conditions. Exposure to multiple mould spores may cause skin conditions, headaches, fatigue, plus affect concentration, judgment, and overall brain function.

This controversial issue reached a pinnacle in the 2022 landmark case of 2-year-old Awaab Ishak who was found to have died as a direct cause of mould exposure in social housing over a three-year period, which caused respiratory and cardiac arrest.

As a result, a new law (Awaab’s Law) is proposed in England and Wales which means that Landlords will soon have a legal responsibility to determine the cause of mould in their property and put measures in place to fix it within a strict time limit, if the onus falls on them.

What to expect from a Mould survey:

Action Insurance Repair has extensive experience in assessing properties for damp and mould, which we have now formalised with training and certification from the Property Care Association. AIR will:

  1. Identify and categorise mould-infestations using advanced technological detection methods.
  2. Carry out an accurate assessment to measure the extent of mould infestation.
  3. Provide a comprehensive strategy to remedy the mould tailored to property type and age.
  4. We will also provide a quotation to tackle the mould and put everything right for you.
  5. We will provide some quick wins which can be put into place immediately
  6. Plus, some longer-term solutions which made need further investment or property access.
  7. Our specialists will then handle the mould with effective treatments that will prevent the return or escalation of the mould.

The launch of our specialist Mould Survey and remediation service empowers landlords and letting agents to proactively address this pressing issue. It also gives tenants and residential householders reassurance, peace of mind and simply presents them a nicer home to be in!

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