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03 May 2024

Sometimes all your client needs is a trustworthy, reliable building company that understands the insurance sector.


Because we keep insurance claims and repairsstraightforward, and stress-free.

  • We understand insurance claims
  • We have 15 years’ experience carrying out insurance repairs
  • We work with the best loss assessors in the North West and can introduce your client
  • Unlike claims management companies, we don’t charge fees
  • The quote we provide is for our own team to undertake the repairs. We are the main contractor


    We work with independent loss assessors, who provide end to end management of the entire insurance claim process.

    1. We ASSESS the damage

  • We provide the loss assessor with professional reports and quotations, assessing the real extent of the damage and what is required to reinstate the property
  • As insurance repair specialists, we know exactly what information insurers require and how to present it

  • 2. We provide a QUOTE

  • We provide a competitive quote which the loss assessor submits to the insurance company
  • They handle the claim, negotiating a favourable settlement on behalf of your client to more than adequately cover the cost of the repairs and other expenses

  • 3. We FIX the damage

  • We’ll help you fulfil your duty of care to your client and repair the damage to a high standard – no matter how severe
  • We can undertake emergency repairs, strip out work, clean-ups or organise quotes for drying equipment or other specialist services

  • Keen to understand more?

    Contact Joanne to discover how Action Insurance Repair can work with you and your clients.

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