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Referral rewards
03 May 2024


For every insurance claim we handle for one of your landlords or clients, we’ll give you 2.5% commission on the total job value.

If you are a letting agent and interested in becoming a referral partner all we ask is that you keep us front of mind when you discover significant damage to one of the properties you manage. It could be damage caused by leaking plumbing, a flood, fire, or break-in – anything that’s likely to involve an insurance claim. Just let your client know you’ll put them In touch with a team of professional insurance claim experts who can help and we’ll take it from there.

How does it work? Simple! If you know of a client or landlord who needs to make an insurance claim to repair property damage, you could earn 2.5% of the repair cost just by mentioning us to them!

1. Tell them about us and let them know we’ll be calling. We’ll happily provide some of our literature to help your clients understand what we do.

2. Provide us with their contact details and we’ll give them a call. If they’re happy for us to contact them, we’ll call and explain how we can take away the hassle of handling their insurance claim and help get their life and home back to normal!

3. We will assess and quote on the repairs needed. Liaising with their loss assessor/insurance provider we will provide a quote for the repair work.

4. On completion, you get 2.5%! On completion of the repair work, we will pay you 2.5% of the total cost of the repairs, for introducing us. With an average job value of £46k, that makes the average referral fee £1150!

Not too shabby, we think you’ll agree!

Always happy to help!

If you’d like to introduce us to someone who needs help – or if you need some leaflets about how we make property insurance claims easier, give us a call on 01254 665 333.