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Repaired kitchen from water damage
Case Study: Mrs Watkins
04 December 2023

Frozen and Burst pipes - One year on

Referral: Loss assessor

Project value: £65,000

We are finally completing some of the frozen and burst pipe repairs from the cold snap in December 2022... and we revisit the Watkins family in Waterfoot, near Rossendale, who came home from a family holiday to extensive water damage from a frozen/burst pipe.


  • Although the central heating had been left on a constant low, the frozen pipes were in the loft space, where there is no heating. Despite the pipe lagging, the pipes froze then thawed as temperatures rose, causing the fittings to burst, resulting in an extensive escape of water.
  • The water travelled down through the house, affecting the bathroom, two bedrooms, the landing, stairwell, lounge, and kitchen-dining area.

Our approach

  • Although we cleared and stripped out the property very quickly, to enable it to start drying out, we then hit the national ‘go-slow’ insurance claims queue!
  • We waited seven months before insurers approved the reinstatement costs and we were finally able to start work on the Watkins family home in July.

Progress Report

  • To date, we have completed all the works on the property and Mrs Watkins moved back into her home in October.

Mrs Watkins, In her own words:

“I'm really happy to be back in my own home after such a long time, and I'm really pleased that we decided to reconfigure the bathroom too. It’s a much better use of the space and looks great. All the team did a great job, especially the plumbers!”

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