Staying healthy during coronavirus

Here at Action Insurance Repair, we have worked throughout the lockdown and we continue to do trade as restrictions are easing.

To ensure we do this safely, we have updated our risk assessments and method statements and composed a new “Working Safely with Covid-19” manual” to help maintain safe working practice for our employees, contractors and clients”

Understandably, some property owners are concerned about having work undertaken to their properties or letting people outside of their household into their homes. Here are some of the queries that we are hearing from the people we speak with.

Can contractors come to my property now?

Yes. Provided neither you nor the contractor are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 and social distancing guidelines are followed and face masks are worn. 

But I’m self-isolating…

If it’s the case that you or anyone in your home has symptoms then no work can be carried out. At least not unless it is an emergency and lives are at risk as a result.

Emergency repairs are fine otherwise. But in ‘vulnerable’ households i.e. where the occupant has an underlying illness or are aged over 70, then face-to-face contact should be reduced as much as possible. 

Can you survey an empty property? 

Yes. In fact, if the property is empty it makes it easier for us not only to do the survey, but to conduct any work you need doing – be it emergency repairs or even renovation work.

Will my building insurance cover the cost of deep cleaning my property because it is contaminated by Covid-19?

Unfortunately, most insurance policies won’t. If it’s your business though you may be covered under ‘business interruption’ or an environmental clause. So, do check.

If you have any other questions or need help with an insurance repair, contact us to find out more about how we can help you

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