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Are you dealing with a building claim for a property that needs reinstating?

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As you know, the complexity of property damage often goes unseen through the non-trained eye such as concealed water damage, secondary fire damage or a weakening in the building’s infrastructure after impact.

Most often, these problems only rear their head years later, after the damage has progressed, and the file has been closed.

Since 2008, Action Insurance Repair has uniquely specialised in insurance repairs and we have all the resource needed in-house to assess, quote, and fix the damage.

Our experienced team covers all trades and are experts at repairing property following sudden and unforeseen damage.

How we help

Over the years, we’ve worked with loss assessors throughout the North West to assist in getting claimants the best settlement and repairing their property after disaster has struck.

Drawing from extensive insurance industry experience, we can provide the following to support your work:

  • Damage Assessments and Reports
  • Itemised Scope of Work
  • Priced tenders
  • Realistic quotations - Using industry standard schedule of rates

Our experts meticulously assess the damage in the first instance, so the insurance company knows the true state of repairs - and the claimant won’t be left out of pocket later down the line or face any nasty surprises...

Why Action Insurance Repair?

Loss assessors who currently refer cases to us say that we make their job and life easier, by:

  • Delivering an expert and professional service
  • Building good rapport with their clients throughout the project
  • Maintaining good communication and updates throughout the project
  • Consistently providing a high standard of work
  • Providing excellent customer service to both our partners and their clients
  • Receiving good feedback and client reviews when the work is complete

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Are you looking for more loss assessing work?

Unusually in the building contractor market, we proactively generate our own enquiries. We are always keen to establish good, mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships and are proud to still be working with loss assessors we met when we first started in 2008!

If you’re interested in potentially becoming a partner with Action Insurance Repair, we’d love to have a no-obligation chat.

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