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flood damage

Flooding can quickly lead to structural damage within your home or property.

At best, it can be a minor inconvenience. At worst, it can cause irreversible damage to the fabric of your building, your floor coverings, and contents and possessions.

If your home or business has been affected by water flooding from adverse weather conditions, we’re here to help. We’ll help manage the claims process, the strip out work, the drying out, and then repair and reinstate your property.

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Flooding is notorious for causing problems later down the line when the damaged area hasn’t been thoroughly assessed from the start.

As water often leaks into hidden areas and gaps of a building, damp or wood rot are common ailments only to be discovered later, as they have become progressively worse.

Our flood assessors are experts in identifying the spread of the damage from the get-go. We’ll put together and present your case to the insurance company to make sure you get the fairest settlement.

Refurbishment experts

Flood water can not only affect the visual aesthetic of a property. When extensive, it can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, and often contains sewage, dangerous chemicals, and toxic mould, making your property unsafe to live or work in.

Water and electricity make a dangerous combination, and the flooding can even be hazardous to wade through, as unseen obstacles can cause trips and injuries.

Our flood refurbishment experts have experience in cleaning up water on large scales, and will restore your property back to a clean, happy, and safe place.

Leave the stress to us

When disaster strikes, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed.

We’re here to manage, and help you navigate the claims process, so you don’t have to face the admin, phone calls, or paperwork on your own, during a time when your morale and mental energy just isn’t there!

Concerned about Mould in your Property?

Action Insurance Repair is certified to carry out an independent Mould Survey to identify the cause of mould and tackle the problem.

Discover more about how our Mould Survey will help.

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Here’s what our clients say about us

Action Insurance took away all the stress...

Action Insurance took away all the stress and pressure of having to deal with insurers and workmen. They ensure the client is kept well informed of everything going on and endeavour to keep within the timescales promised, with little disruption.

Sabeha Toorawa


Joanne and her team did all the work on my property when I had a fire which decimated the first floor. They were easy to deal with, completed the work in a timely manner and talked through all the options with me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has had a claim on their insurance.

Amanda Clark

I whole–heartedly recommend Joanne and her team at Action Insurance. Living in Portsmouth, as I do, and dealing with a property over 200 miles away could easily have been extremely stressful. Joanne, never more than a ‘phone call away, was organised, efficient and helpful. A job very well done!

Christine Stokes

We are landlords of a few properties and one had a fire. Luckily no one was hurt but we found ourselves in a situation we had no clue where to start. Our letting agent recommended Joanne and her company. She worked closely with a loss assessor and between them they made an extremely distressing time much easier to cope with.

She got all the quotes for the works needed and just got on with what needed to be done to bring the property back to its original state. She only contacted me if I needed to choose something like carpets, kitchen. I would have no qualms at recommending Joanne and her team. They are extremely professional and have done an amazing job. Thank you!

Janet Louise Fedden

Joanne was fantastic and managed everything from start to finish taking all the stress away from me.

Would highly recommend, great service.

Beth Howards

Atherton, Manchester

Very impressed with Action Insurance Repair. I just wanted everything sorting with minimal input from myself.
Joanne and her team took care of everything swiftly and smoothly even in the middle of a pandemic!!

Michael Calvert

A Landlord’s Perspective

I contacted Action Insurance Repair after discovering that there had been a fire to the flat that I rented out. To make matters even worse I was devastated to discover that the damage wasn’t covered by my insurance policy.

It was a very stressful situation, however contacting Joanne was the best thing I could have done. Joanne provided me with a competitive quote, and I just handed the keys over to her and she took care of everything for me. The work that her team completed was great, finished in a matter of weeks and it meant that I didn’t have to get involved.

I would definitely recommend AIR to any friends and family, in fact I already have to my partner who has used them to re-slate his roof.

Mrs Collinson, Colne

Thank you for all your help so far and good luck with the tender, we hope you win it

Joanne was responsible for renovation after a fire at our property.

She did a fantastic job in organising and overseeing all the work done by various tradesmen, ensuring all the finishing touches were carried out to an excellent standard.

I would recommend her services to anyone as not only are standards high but it removes all the stress in dealing with all the components of the project.

Pete Connelly

Very impressed with Action Insurance Repair.

Just wanted everything sorting with minimal input from myself. Joanne and her team took care of everything swiftly and smoothly even in the middle of a pandemic!!

Michael Calvert

Leyland, Preston