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If you’re a home or business property owner in the North West who has suffered damage through a plumbing leak, smoke damage, fire or flood – we can help you get back to normality in the shortest possible time.

Choose ACTION INSURANCE REPAIR to minimise stress, financial outlay and get your repairs done to an impeccably high standard; as together with a team of insurance professionals, we successfully guide you through each step of your claim.

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Choose Action Insurance Repair

Action Insurance Repair is a one-stop insurance claim repairs solution that helps property and business owners easily navigate insurance claims.

Our team of repair experts can help guide you through your insurance claim or we can introduce you to a loss assessor who can submit your claim for you. We also complete all the agreed repairs and take the hassle of managing several contractors off your hands.

We know insurance claims are stressful, and what you need is a building company that not has the experience but also has industry knowledge.

Our simple 4-step process will look after every aspect of your insurance claim, and ensures your insurance company have all the information they require in the shortest possible time.

Let our team of pros minimise your woes – contact us now!

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Flood damage repair is an increasingly common occurance across the North West, as has been graphically shown in news bulletins in recent years. Most flood water damages properties and is contaminated meaning properties affected require immediate insurance repair.
Flood damage insurance repair
Even a small, contained fire can cause enough smoke damage to make your home or work premises uninhabitable and the disruption and devastation resulting from a fire of any size can be very significant, both practically and emotionally.
smoke & fire damage insurance repair
Water damage can arise from burst pipes, frozen pipes, leaks in the bathroom or kitchen – and through any number of ‘accidental’ sources around the home.It’s important to understand that water damage is progressive and what looks...
water damage insurance repair
Storm damage is a common problem for the property owner and can range from the fairly simple problem of falling roof tiles to the massive damage potential from a fallen tree or debris hitting the roof during high winds.
storm damage insurance repair
Impact damage to property may not be the most common reason for an insurance claim, but it happens. Possibly more than we realise! We’ve seen the reports of the cars driving into someone’s home, the delivery vehicle reversing into the shutter doors.
impact damage insurance repair
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