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Action Insurance Repair are proud to be working with some of the region’s most respected Insurance Brokers, Loss Assessors, Fire & Flood Restoration companies and Chartered Surveyors.

We can provide quotations for insurance work, or where appropriate we can recommend, and work alongside, an experienced Loss Assessor to deal with the claim on your behalf.

One of our surveyors will visit your property to assess the damage and take all of the details of the incident. Should you require emergency or temporary repairs we can also arrange this for you.

At this stage if we feel that you would benefit from the services of a Loss Assessor we can introduce one to you. The advantage of having a Loss Assessor deal with your claim is that you will immediately have a whole team of professionals on tap to assist you throughout the claim process, with an experienced professional Loss Assessor working for your benefit to coordinate the whole claim...

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Even a small, contained fire can cause enough smoke damage to make your home or work premises uninhabitable and the disruption and devastation resulting from a fire of any size can be very significant, both practically and emotionally.
Water damage can arise from burst pipes, frozen pipes, leaks in the bathroom or kitchen – and through any number of ‘accidental’ sources around the home.It’s important to understand that water damage is progressive and what looks...
Flooding, with its devastating consequences, is an increasingly common problem across the North West, as has been graphically shown in news bulletins in recent years.Most flood water is contaminated meaning properties affected require immediate...
Storm damage is a common problem for the property owner and can range from the fairly simple problem of falling roof tiles to the massive damage potential from a fallen tree or debris hitting the roof during high winds.
Impact damage to property may not be the most common reason for an insurance claim, but it happens. Possibly more than we realise! We’ve seen the reports of the cars driving into someone’s home, the delivery vehicle reversing into the shutter doors.