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Has your client suffered property damage through a water leak, fire, flooding, storm, or impact?

Do you want the best possible outcome for them, and to free up your time and resource too?

Give us a call. It’s what we do...

On average we pay £567 for each claim you send our way!

Since 2008, Action Insurance Repair has uniquely specialised in insurance repairs and we have all the resource needed in-house to assess, quote, and fix the damage – without you or your client being out of pocket...

Over the years, we’ve worked with Insurance Brokers throughout the North West to assist in getting their clients the best settlement and repairing their property after disaster has struck.

Our experienced team covers all trades and are experts at repairing property following unexpected damage.

Taking away the hassle and stress and providing time and reassurance

Independent loss assessors work alongside our building experts to meticulously assess the damage in the first instance, producing reports, a scope of work and photographs of the damage, so the insurance company knows the true state of repairs

It’s important to us that your client won’t be left out of pocket later down the line or face any nasty surprises...

Our insurance repair specialists will manage the process from end to end, gifting you time and your client reassurance and a job well done!

We will help add value to your services as a Broker, by liaising and coordinating the following for you:

  • Introducing your client to an independent loss assessor to manage the claim on their behalf - They will directly liaise with the insurer remotely and on site
  • Providing a realistic repair quotation
  • Liaising with and coordinating trades on site, so you don’t have to
  • Sourcing surveyors or structural engineers for the project
  • Carrying out drying out/preparation work and specialist cleaning
  • Dealing with storage requirements, if required
  • Plus fixing all the damage – to a high standard

Why Action Insurance Repair?

Insurance Brokers we work with say that we make their job and life easier, by alleviating stress and giving them back time. We provide:

  • A niche, knowledgeable and professional service
  • Extensive insurance industry experience and understanding - knowing what repairs are and are not covered by policies when it comes to preparing a quote
  • All the trades needed for property repairs in-house, avoiding coordination nightmares!
  • Excellent customer service, by building good rapport with clients
  • Reassurance by maintaining communication with their clients throughout the project
  • Satisfaction by carrying out repairs to a high standard, giving their client back control with our satisfaction guarantee...

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If your client is not happy with the work, they don’t sign the satisfaction note - and we don’t get paid. It’s as simple as that.

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We’re ready when you are. You can focus on doing what you do - and your client can relax knowing their interests are taken care of.

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In their own words...

“When Action Insurance Repair are instructed, the repairs require very little interaction from both clients and ourselves which is a great help to both parties.

Our clients vary in size and trade and the claims vary in size and complexity, however the same prompt and attentive service is provided no matter the incident.

All our clients have commented positively on the promptness of service and quality of workmanship.”

Mark Kirker, Spencer Hayes