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Here you will find our latest articles, suggestions and case studies on how insurance claims and repairs can be straightforward, and stress-free.

19 February 2020

Storm Ciara – Insurance Claim Tips

So, you’re unlucky enough to have suffered damage to your property from Storm Ciara. Hopefully, by now you’ve contacted your insurance company to make a claim and started the (long) conversation about what the next steps are and what you need to do to get your property back to normal.

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14 February 2020

Storm Dennis - Are You Prepared?

It shouldn't be quite as severe as its predecessor Storm Ciara, but Storm Dennis could still potentially do a lot of damage. Expected to hit the UK on Saturday and continue into Sunday, the latest storm will bring plenty of rainfall, as well as strong winds (up to 60mph at times). As a result, an Amber warning has been issued...

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25 July 2019

3 (And A Half!) Things Landlords Need to Know When Making a Claim

If you are a landlord, be it of a commercial or residential property, chances are that at some point you will need to make a claim on your insurance.

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18 July 2019

Does my insurance cover water damage?

Water damage is one of the most common causes of home insurance claims. Costs to repair water damage can be extensive, so it’s good to know if your insurance policy covers your water damage claim.

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03 June 2019

What to consider when appointing your own contractor

Some of you may already have access to a trusted reliable builder. When you do it can feel like winning the jackpot! Because whoever you choose will likely have free access to your home – and your teapot – for the duration of the building work. So...

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20 March 2019

The benefits of choosing your own contractor to complete insurance claim repairs

A question we get asked frequently is: Should I choose my own contractor or the one recommended by my insurance company?

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16 January 2019

Home Safety: What to Do in a House Fire

A house fire is something we all dread, but there are ways to prepare that can make a fire safer. Planning ahead and keeping your home safe can reduce the impact of a house fire, and in the best cases, stop a fire before it starts.

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04 January 2019

What to Do in Case of Fire - The Hotel Manager's Fire Safety Checklist

As a hotel manager, keeping your staff members and guests safe at all times is your number one priority. Ensuring your guests’ stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible is of utmost importance, but putting minds at ease by going above and beyond when it comes to fire safety adds so much to any guest’s experience.

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27 December 2018

Faulty Appliances - Common Causes of House Fires

In a recent news from the Home Office, it has been revealed that more than 500 house fires in Lancashire between April 2017 and March 2018 were caused by faulty appliances in the home – and that they could all have been prevented.

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20 December 2018

Action Insurance Repair Celebrates 10th Year in Business

It’s been a fantastic 2018 at Action Insurance Repair. At the end of each year, as we’re getting excited for Christmas and the New Year, it’s a great opportunity to look back on everything we’ve achieved over the past twelve months, and thank our clients for their business and our amazing team and contractors for their hard work and dedication.

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14 December 2018

Be Fire Safe this Christmas

Christmas is a time for fun and celebrations, but at this time of year the fire service are keen for everyone to be fire safe.

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29 November 2018

How To Start Repairing a Fire Damaged Property

A fire can cause devastation, and even in the most contained cases, requires an extensive clean-up process long after it’s been put out.

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