Impact Damage

Impact damage to property may not be the most common reason for an insurance claim, but it happens. Possibly more than we realise! We’ve seen the reports of the cars driving into someone’s home, the delivery vehicle reversing into the shutter doors – even the sat-nav disasters with lorries going where they shouldn’t with the resulting damage to property.

It doesn’t matter how it’s caused, impact damage to your property can be extensive, and when it’s your commercial premises, it can also have a significant impact on your business in addition to the physical damage.

So it makes sense to talk our professional insurance repair management team who are experts at organising insurance claims for impact damage, liaising with insurance companies, arranging emergency works, and managing the remedial work.

And as an insurance contractor, we have our own network of approved contractors who will carry out the repair work to a high quality.

Our no-fee, comprehensive 4-step process is the perfect way to get your impact damage insurance claim sorted – professionally. Give us a call and book your initial survey.

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