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Image of water damaged stairway in a House in Blackpool
Frozen and Burst pipes in a Blackpool B&B
04 December 2023

Reinstatement works underway

Referral: independent loss assessor

Value of Project: £67,000

An elegant but dated Victorian house previously run as a B&B in Blackpool suffered a frozen and burst pipe last December causing major water damage, whilst 92-year-old Mrs Greaves was in hospital.


  • We initially carried out stripping out works in April 2023 to ensure the building could breathe and dry out.
  • The pipe burst on the top floor and so the water travelled throughout the house, causing damage to 2 guest rooms in the attic, the bathroom and guest rooms on the middle floor, the lounge, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor, and water even found its way into the basement.

Our Approach

  • AIR quoted for all remedial works and, caught up in the ‘slow claim train’ following last December’s high-volume of property claims, Mrs Greaves and AIR finally got the go ahead to progress reinstatement works in September.
  • The extensive property damage has presented Mrs Greaves with a massive transformation opportunity, so we are helping her upgrade very dated fittings and improve decoration throughout.

Progress Report

  • Mrs Greaves’ property is uninhabitable, so she was moved from hospital into a care home in Blackpool and has been there all this time.
  • We stay in regular contact and Mrs Greaves trusts us to do the right thing and make the right decisions for her regarding new carpets, flooring, wallpaper and paint - along with the trusty Howden’s kitchen spec!
  • The project is well underway, with completion expected in early January.

A few words from Mrs Greaves

“I trust Joanne to guide me to make the right decisions with regard to the finishes in my home. She has a lot more experience with this kind of thing than I do, and she gives me good advice. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it is finished!”

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