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Reinstalled kitchen from fire damage
04 December 2023

The biggest benefit we provide? We take everything off your hands!

The biggest benefit be provide? We take everything off your hands!

From identifying and sourcing appropriate materials to coordinating our team of multiple trades, to managing the entire project from start to finish, keeping clients informed and liaising with them on kitchen and bathroom materials ... we do it all, so you don’t have to.

To balance the frozen pipe projects we’ve shared in this issue and the last, here are a few of the Fire damage jobs we’re currently working on.

Property damage: Fire - COMPLETE

Location: Lytham St Annes

Project Value: £43k

We’ve completed work on a two-bed ground floor flat which was fire damaged by an item being left on the hob which melted and then set on fire.

  • This project came to us via a new loss assessor we’re working with who requested we were invited to tender.
  • A speedy turnaround, we submitted our tender in July, were appointed in August, then had a 4 week lead-in period to order materials and complete paperwork...
  • ...then all the repair work was completed within 7 weeks!

Schedule of Works:

  • Rerun all electrics and installed new kitchen
  • Replastered kitchen & lounge, fitted new
    skirting boards & architraves and installed
    a new bay window
  • New floor coverings, lighting and decoration
    throughout the flat
  • Installation of new shower enclosure

Property damage: Fire – IN PROGRESS

Location: Oswaldtwistle, Accrington

Project value: £70k

In a 2-up/2-down terrace rental property with all its certifications valid and up to date, the consumer unit under the stairs set on fire!

  • Luckily, the fire started during the day when both tenants were downstairs in the house, and the smoke alarms went off, so they were able to react fairly quickly to call the fire brigade and get out of the house.
  • The downstairs of the house was badly fire-damaged and needed gutting, and the upstairs suffered from extensive smoke damage, plus water damage from the fire brigade so, the tenants have had to find alternative accommodation.
  • Smoke had travelled throughout the rest of the house, causing the lounge and hallway to need redecorating, and even the bathroom upstairs had to be ripped out.
  • Everything had to be knocked back to the brick, ceilings taken down, plaster scraped off the walls, windows replaced, and floor coverings taken up.
  • Plus, because it was an electrical fire from the consumer unit next to the meter, Electricity Northwest had come out to dig open and disconnect the electricity supply to the house!
  • So, before we could arrange for a new supply to be installed with Electricity Northwest, we had to make do with generators to get the job going! All in a day’s (week’s/ month’s) work!

Top Tip:

The owners of this property hadn’t increased the sums insured enough to reflect increased rebuilding costs since Covid and increased cost of materials since Spring 2021.

A piece of advice for Letting agents and Brokers is to encourage your clients to check their rebuild value is current on their insurance policy!

Property damage: Fire – IN PROGRESS

Property damage: Frozen/burst pipes – IN PROGRESS

Location: Newchurch Cottage, Pendle Hill

Project value: £70k

A brief update on Newchurch Cottage, featured in our Autumn issue:

  • We’re making excellent progress on with the new bathroom completed plus walls plastered and door and second fix joinery completed during November.
  • We’re also delighted that the owner is so pleased with our work, that she has kept us on to complete a series of private jobs in the property!

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