Is a Burst Water Pipe Covered By My Home Insurance?

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Action Insurance Repair is “is a burst water pipe covered by insurance?” We can understand why. Finding a burst pipe in your property spells the start of an irritating game of “chase the insurance company”, as well as the tasks of finding a suitable contractor to complete the work and repairing any damage caused to your house or property.

The short answer is yes, in most cases a burst pipe is covered by insurance companies. However, there are ways to find out whether your insurance provider will pay up to cover the full extent of the damage – and we’re always here to help.

It’s all in the small print.

Before you start doing anything at all to your property after ensuring the damage doesn’t continue to worsen, check your home insurance policy.

Within those paragraphs of legal jargon, it will advise whether your provider will be willing to pay for certain aspects of your burst water pipe damage and repair, however, things to look out for include:

Trace and Access Cover

This cover will pay for or reimburse you for any expensive damage to walls and floors caused by tracing or finding a leak. This work can be difficult and time-consuming, meaning a contractor may be costly.

Remember: If you move any damaged carpets or furniture, do not dispose of them. Loss adjusters will need to see the damaged items in order to make an accurate assessment of their value.

Home Emergency Cover

This specific type of coverage gives you extra protection as a homeowner in the event of a burst pipe. Although the cost of repairing a burst or frozen water pipe is included in most home insurance policies, it is not always included as standard. Home Emergency Cover includes coverage for callouts to emergency plumbers and 24 hour contractors, which some insurance providers are reluctant to pay for.

In a recent review by GoCompare, out of 328 home insurance policies placed under scrutiny, only 15 offered no cover for frozen or burst pipes. Even if you haven’t experienced a burst pipe, it’s still a good idea to check your policy when the times comes for renewal, so you can be sure that your home has a sufficient safety net.

Prevention is Better than Cure

There are many ways to help prevent a burst water pipe in your home. We’ve put together a blog post with all of our most effective tips to prevent water pipes from freezing and preventing costly damage. Read our post on how to prevent a burst water pipe here.

If you want to take the guesswork out of your claim, contact Action Insurance Repair for a free consultation. Our expert team will be able to guide you through our three-step claiming process, and help you to navigate your insurance policy to get you the best possible outcome at no cost to you.

We specialise in burst water pipe insurance claims, and we work with insurance brokers and loss assessors so that not only is your property repaired to a high standard, your whole insurance claim can be handled on your behalf by a team of experienced professionals.

For a free consultation with our professional claims team, contact us today on 01252 665 333.

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