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In December 2015, Anita Kennedy suffered a lot of damage to her recently renovated property due to unexpected flooding, as a result of Storm Desmond. Located in Whalley, Lancashire, the property had water damage up to about 6 inches from the floor.

Anita Kennedy

The Problem

Anita Kennedy’s terraced property suffered extensive damage to her property due to flooding. The recently renovated home saw the entire ground floor become completely contaminated by floodwater, which not only meant a lot of work needed to be done, but that Anita couldn’t stay in the property and had to find somewhere to live while the repair work was being done.

Unlike recent storms, this flood was completely unexpected and therefore there was no preparation for it. The results were catastrophic, as lack of preparation meant more significant damage to properties.

The Solution

Anita got in touch with a loss assessor who introduced her to AIR and we were invited to successfully tender for the reinstatement work. After our initial survey set about undertaking the strip out work so that the property could be thoroughly dried out by a professional restoration company.

Why she chose Action Insurance Repair

Retired and in her 60’s, Anita found the insurance claim process quite overwhelming. Not only was her property uninhabitable, forcing her to find alternative temporary accommodation, she had to fill out a lot of forms and wasn’t sure what exactly needed done. Action Insurance Repair was able to take the stress away by managing all the repair work from start to finish. Unlike other building companies, we specialise in insurance reinstatement work, which means that we know that flood water contains infectious organisms, including intestinal bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis A Virus amongst other water borne bacteria. Flood damage must be treated as a Category 3 water incident which is referred to as “Black Water”. Black Water contains pathogenic agents which are grossly unsanitary and have the potential of harbouring dangerous levels of bacteria.

This means that, unlike your average builder, we obtain reports from qualified flood technicians and we use these reports to guide us when stripping out the property to ensure we go as far as necessary.

Going the Extra Mile

A government grant was available to all Whalley residents to use to upgrade their property’s flood defences against any future flooding. Anita didn’t know where to start with the application forms so we completed them on Anita’s behalf and liaised with the Contract Administrator to amend the schedule of work to allow for reinstating the lounge floor with a concrete floor rather than floorboards as it was originally. We also helped her to obtain quotes and source an independent contractor to supply and fit a specialist flood door and then we liaised with them to arrange the installation.

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Action Insurance took away all the stress...

Action Insurance took away all the stress and pressure of having to deal with insurers and workmen. They ensure the client is kept well informed of everything going on and endeavour to keep within the timescales promised, with little disruption.

Sabeha Toorawa


Joanne was fantastic and managed everything from start to finish taking all the stress away from me.

Would highly recommend, great service.

Beth Howards

Atherton, Manchester

Very impressed with Action Insurance Repair.

Just wanted everything sorting with minimal input from myself. Joanne and her team took care of everything swiftly and smoothly even in the middle of a pandemic!!

Michael Calvert

Leyland, Preston