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Action Insurance Repair was initially contracted to repair a property that had suffered water damage from a leaking stop tap. On initial survey it quickly became apparent that it would make sense to redesign the layout when carrying out the reinstatement work.

The Problem

While this property was occupied by tenants, there had been a slow concealed leak from the stop tap which had caused damage significant to the property over a period of time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the tenants moved out that the landlord became aware of this problem, and by then the damage had spread underneath the laminate and soaked into the chipboard flooring and up the stud partitions.

When surveying the property, the team at AIR noticed the property’s layout was quite dated, with the lounge and bedroom in one open room. The kitchen was very old and there was a separate bathroom next to a corridor with a fitted wardrobe in it, which used up a lot of valuable space.

Upon closer inspection, it became clear that the water damage was so extensive that both the kitchen and bathroom would need to be taken out, and all the partition walls would need to be taken down as well.

This gave our team the perfect opportunity to show the landlord the true potential of his property.

The Solution

Joanne and the AIR team came up with a new, more modern, layout for the property and the landlord decided to take the opportunity to get this done at the same time as the damage from the leak was being fixed.

The new layout turned the dated bedsit into a one bedroom apartment with an en-suite and an open plan kitchen and lounge.

Why Choose AIR

Once it became clear that the landlord was open to redesigning the property’s layout, Action Insurance Repair were then able to take total responsibility for the design and reinstatement of the property.

Going the extra mile

Once the landlord heard that this would be a possibility, Joanne invited a kitchen design company and together started working on a new floor plan that would not just modernise the bedsit, but maximise its potential with prospective tenants.

The new layout didn’t just look better, it actually improved the storage capacity of the property. The best part? The landlord only had to provide the extra materials needed (new kitchen and bathroom) and in return got a complete structural and cosmetic refurbishment. As a result, the landlord was able to put the rent up and, most importantly, become more selective in who he rents his property to.

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Action Insurance took away all the stress...

Action Insurance took away all the stress and pressure of having to deal with insurers and workmen. They ensure the client is kept well informed of everything going on and endeavour to keep within the timescales promised, with little disruption.

Sabeha Toorawa


Joanne was fantastic and managed everything from start to finish taking all the stress away from me.

Would highly recommend, great service.

Beth Howards

Atherton, Manchester

Very impressed with Action Insurance Repair.

Just wanted everything sorting with minimal input from myself. Joanne and her team took care of everything swiftly and smoothly even in the middle of a pandemic!!

Michael Calvert

Leyland, Preston