Winning duo – Graham and Darren Digger

When plumbers Graham and Darren Digger attended an emergency plumbing callout, they were expecting a run of the mill repair job. Upon noticing a leak through her kitchen ceiling, Jayne Poll, the property owner contacted the plumbers and explained that there was water trapped under the bathroom vinyl, and that she had only noticed it because of a damp patch on the landing carpet.

The plumbers repaired the leak, but when they lifted the vinyl to inspect the water damage, they quickly realised that it was quite extensive. The combination wc and vanity basin unit were swollen and beyond repair, the chipboard flooring had blown and moisture had tracked up the plasterboard to the walls and out onto the landing and into the adjacent bedroom. They realised that damage this extensive would be expensive to repair and suggested that perhaps filing an insurance claim would be the best course of action. The property owner agreed, and Graham recommended they used a professional team of insurance experts to help with the claim, as well as the repairs.

Graham and Darren left AIR’s flyer with Mrs Poll and told the property owner to expect our call, then got in touch with Joanne who promptly called her to schedule a site visit.

After the initial visit and survey, Joanne introduced the homeowner to a loss assessor, who agreed to handle the insurance claim on the client’s behalf, and a drying company was appointed to install drying equipment. In the meantime, Action Insurance Repair prepared a quotation for the repairs, which was approved by the insurance company, and then got to work on getting the house repaired.

As our team was already taking the bathroom suite out to effect the repairs, the homeowner took advantage of the opportunity to upgrade the sanitaryware.  As the scope included re-tiling to the bathroom, the property owner bought a new bathroom suite, which our team installed, saving them money on labour.

At the end of it all, Graham and Darren walked away with a great referral fee, the property owner didn’t have to do anything to get their insurance claim approved, got their home repaired and saved money on their new bathroom installation. A true win-win!

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