Welcome Richard to Action Insurance Repair’s Plumbers Referral Scheme!

Richard’s already made over £300 by referring customers – what are YOU waiting for to start earning extra cash? 

Richard Wilson, a local plumber, was called to a client’s house for a burst pipe. When he got there, he quickly realised that the repairs were going to be costly, and commented that his client should contact their insurance company to make a claim. He suggested just that, and when his client said they were, in fact, planning to do just that, Richard remembered he could earn a referral fee AND help his clients. How? 

He introduced them to Action Insurance Repair.

All Richard did was leave AIR’s flyer with his clients and tell them to expect our call. He then got in touch with Joanne who promptly called them to schedule a site visit. That’s it! Just by doing that, Richard got a referral fee of 2.5% of our total invoice cost for the insurance repair work, which came to £388.15.

So what are you waiting for to start earning? Have you got clients who need our help? 

Since 2008, we have been helping people whose properties have been damaged by storms, floods, leaks – just about any type of water damage you can think of! But how can we help you? By paying you a referral fee for each client you introduce to us! 

It’s a very simple process:

  • You have a client that has suffered water damage to their home, business or rental property
  • You give them our literature (we will provide this)
  • You give us their contact details and tell them to expect our call
  • You get a referral fee paid to you

That’s it. The more clients you refer to us, the more money in your bank account.

Still unsure if we can help? We’ve put together a list of FAQ’s that might help:  

Do you help people with damage caused by flooding?

Absolutely. We specialise in flood damage insurance repairs, and have a team of specialists ready to help any property owner in the North West with getting their property back to normal as soon as possible.

What about insurance claims? Do you help with that?

Not only do we work alongside independent loss assessors but our repair team are also insurance repair specialists. We have over 12 years of experience dealing with insurance repairs, and for each job, we have a dedicated project manager to oversee the repair process.

Do you help with other types of insurance claims, aside from water damage?

We do. We are insurance repair experts, and work with property owners who have suffered damaged caused by storm, flood, smoke and fire. We cover just about any type of insurance damage you might think of, and are always happy to be put in touch with whoever needs our help.

If you have any questions about the referral scheme, or need help with an insurance repair, contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

I’m so happy I found out about AIR’s Referral Scheme – the extra cash really comes in handy, and it’s so easy to join! – Richard Wilson

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