Burst water pipes affect hundreds of thousands of homes in the UK every single year.

They’re a common problem, but that doesn’t stop them from being disruptive, inconvenient, damaging to property and even dangerous, should leaking water begin to make its way into electrical wiring or cause structural damage.

At Action Insurance Repair, we know how important it is to get life back to normal after a burst water pipe. Whether your burst pipe was the result of cold weather or age, we can get to work immediately to sort it out.

Project managing is our speciality. You can trust our quality assured contractors to fix your burst water pipe quickly and efficiently, and to rectify any damage to your home courteously. We are trusted by insurance brokers and loss assessors throughout Lancashire, so you can be sure your home and your insurance claim is in good hands. If you need help with a burst water pipe insurance claim, please contact us today to begin our no-fee four-step claim process.

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We can deal with every part of your claim, so you can carry on with your busy life. Our years of experience in the insurance and construction sectors mean that we have the contacts and knowledge to manage your burst water pipes claim from initial quote to completion.

We will work directly with your loss assessor to provide a quote to your insurance provider. After a project meeting with you, the homeowner, we will send our quote to your representative. Once this quote is approved, we will provide you with one of our professional project managers, who will oversee any repairs to be completed by our quality assured contractors.

Our project manager will arrange, coordinate and oversee your entire claim, visiting regularly to make sure the work we’re completing in your home is on time and to a standard we’re proud of.

Although we aim to carry out work on your claim as quickly as possible, the time it takes to fix a burst water pipe and complete any repair work can vary from property to property. Action Insurance Repair quality assured contractors will need to see how severe the damage is in order to assess how long it will take to complete the job, to make sure you know exactly what to expect.

Timings are also led by how quickly your insurance provider agrees to accept liability, and then how quickly they agree to settle with our quote.

Our team can fix your burst water pipe! The Action Insurance Repair team has professionals in every area from emergency call-out engineers to chartered surveyors, structural engineers and loss assessors to loss adjuster negotiators to make sure every part of your claim is totally taken care of by an experienced professional.

Our project managers will make sure every part of the job is completed efficiently and with care, and you can send your queries to us at any time regarding any aspect of the job at hand.

In every case, yes you should. Once you call our team or request a callback, we can introduce you to one of our recommended loss assessors who will take you through the initial stages of making a claim with your insurance provider. This makes sure we’re all on the same page and asking your insurance provider for the same thing, to save time and get your burst water pipe repaired as quickly as possible.

If you’re worried about not feeling in control of your claim, please don’t be! You can contact us at any time during the process to talk through any issues or questions you have, and we will make sure our plans and timescales are as transparent as possible. If you’d prefer to have regular updates on the work being carried out, please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

We provide our services completely free of charge to you, the homeowner.

All of our costs are recouped from your insurance provider, meaning we can find the best quality contractors to fix your burst water pipe and repair any damage.

Action Insurance Repair offers a totally stress-free complete service with no cost to you. Please request a callback to learn more about how we can help you.

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