Plumbers – we need you!

Now that lockdown, in general, is over, you probably find your work schedule is pretty full. And if that’s the case, then great.

A reduced working life during lockdown is stressful for anyone so the busier we are right now, the better – for all of us.

However, we assume you did attend some emergency callouts over the past few months – these happen regardless of lockdown or a general pandemic.  If that’s the case and you’ve attended a property where water has caused severe damage to a property and the owner is thinking about making a claim, then get it touch.

We operate a plumbers’ referral scheme which means you could receive around £325 for letting the householder know our name and that we will be contacting them. See more information here.

Action Insurance Repair are the North West’s top-rated insurance repair company, so you’ll be doing your own reputation a favour too!

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