Have you or anyone you know ever had to make a claim before for damage to their property?  It’s not easy, right?!

Most insurance companies aren’t easy to deal with and they won’t pay out on claims if they can find a way out of it.

If you’re making a claim on your buildings insurance and you’re worried about going it alone and getting it wrong, Action Insurance Repair can help.  

We can introduce you to an independent, professional loss assessor.  Someone local, who you can meet in person and is an expert at dealing with insurance claims and can advise you on the claims process.  They will conduct a free, no-obligation assessment of the damage to your property and explain if, and how they can help you from there. A loss assessor will only be able to help if you have a genuine claim, however not only will they help you to claim for all the stuff you didn’t know you were covered for (and paying for) in your policy, they will also pursue the claim on your behalf so that you don’t have to be on the phone constantly trying to progress your claim or feel confused and overwhelmed about where to start.

What is the difference between a loss assessor and a loss adjuster? 


In simple terms, while the loss adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company, representing their interests throughout the insurance claims process – an insurance loss assessor works for you, the claimant, and only represents your interests.

Why do I need a loss assessor and what will they do for me?


Loss assessors help with all aspects of the insurance claim, from securing interim payments, filling out paperwork to meeting and negotiating with the insurance company’s loss adjusters.

Loss Assessors are specialists at negotiations and are well versed in the terms and conditions of insurance policies. In the process of an insurance claim, the loss assessor always has your interests at heart. As their fees are paid as a percentage of your final claim, it is in their interests to secure you the best settlement possible for your claim.

When should you appoint a Loss Assessor?


Often, people contact a loss assessor when they are unsatisfied with their insurance company’s proposed settlement or when their claim has been denied. Though a loss assessor can sometimes help at this stage, it is much better to have them represent you from the very start, the earlier in the process a loss assessor is involved, the greater chance of success you will have.

Many policyholders will go through the entire, arduous process of liaising with the insurance company themselves, and all the stress that involves at an already trying time, only to have their claim rejected or be left with a shortfall when it comes to settlement time.

In order to ensure that your settlement doesn’t leave you out of pocket, it is important to involve a loss assessor at the earliest possible time. Appointing a loss assessor early in the process increases the chance of a fair settlement, and it also frees up your time. 

At Action Insurance Repair, we will work alongside your loss assessor so you no longer have to deal with the insurance claim and repairs personally, allowing you to get on with getting your life back to normal. For many policyholders, this alone can be invaluable as they work to recover from the distress of the fire, flood, explosion, impact or theft that led to the claim.

Why choose AIR? 


Action Insurance Repair is a building firm with a difference. Established in 2008 by Joanne Ginty, the business has carved its reputation from Joanne’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and her team’s many years of experience working in the North West with residential and commercial customers that have been victims of flood, fire and water damage.

Your unique and individual circumstances are what matter to us.

We understand that each client is different, with different commitments, and pulls on your precious time.

This is where we are different. At Action Insurance Repair, we tailor our approach to each client’s individual needs, and that is what sets us apart from other building firms. You get the knowledge and resource of a large firm, but the care and attention only a small bespoke building firm can provide.

Our work process


Call us
for help


we guide through the claims process


we plan & organise our team


We manage
& oversee the whole project


Whether you are looking for a building quote from a reputable company that specialises in insurance repairs (to forward to your insurance company) or you would like to take advantage of a free loss assessing service from one of our independent loss assessor partners, our team is ready and on hand to help you.

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