Interview with Discover Property Management

Discover Property Management (DPM) is an independent full lettings and property management company based in East Lancashire. 

Established for a number of years, DPM is a growing company that specialises in their local market. With a large client base of happy landlords and tenants, their mission is to change the perception of letting agents and they do so by ensuring that they only work with professional, respectable tenants that they place in great properties. The reason why they have a record of happy landlords in their books is because their teams make sure they match the right tenant to the right property, and they make sure each property they manage is well looked after.

How did you find out about Action Insurance Repair?

Joanne and I have a mutual friend who put us in contact as they thought AIR could be a helpful partner to have. After an initial meeting, the team at DPM quickly realised that we could definitely benefit from AIR’s team of insurance repair experts.

This was about 5 years ago, and since then we have contacted Joanne every time one of our properties is damaged and our landlords need to make an insurance claim.

What are the main advantages of using a team of insurance repair experts like AIR instead of sourcing your own team of contractors? 

As letting agents, the team at DPM specialises in placing great tenants in amazing properties. Our team makes sure each property is kept in great condition, and whenever something happens, be it water damage, a fire or any other type of repairs that require an insurance claim, we call Action Insurance Repair.

We are always busy managing our clients’ properties on a day to day basis but when big jobs occur, or work that requires lots of different trades, we know that we can trust AIR.  As a lettings agency we aren’t available to supervise the repairs, however a lot of the landlords we work with live overseas, and they trust us not only to rent their properties but also to maintain them.

Most insurance repairs require a team of different contractors, and using AIR is super helpful as they are a multiskilled team. All we have to do is call Joanne and we know that in no time she assembles a team of whatever contractors are needed for that job – plumbers, electricians, you name it – and she personally supervises each project, ensuring it gets done on time. We’ve had properties that were unfortunately completely destroyed by fire, for example, and Joanne managed the entire repairs and returned the property in impeccable condition.

For a busy letting agency like ourselves, this level of peace of mind is priceless!

How does our team stand out?

Before meeting Joanne and finding out about Action Insurance Repair, we dealt with a series of different contractors and companies that claimed they could do it all. Unfortunately, we were constantly disappointed by them. Either the quality of the work wasn’t to our standards, or they couldn’t stick to an agreed deadline, and oftentimes we needed to supervise and even manage different contractors. All of this was a nightmare for us, as it can be incredibly time consuming – and it’s time we should be spending doing what we love and are good at.

Since our first job with Action Insurance Repair, we’ve never once questioned whether or not it’s worth it. We know that when we call Joanne, we can trust her and her team to get the job done, use quality materials and have contractors who specialise in their areas. AIR doesn’t cut corners, and Joanne is great as a Project Manager and keeps us informed.

A lot of building companies and contractors claim to be good at it all, but until we met Joanne, we didn’t think that was possible. Action Insurance Repair is different because they really are a one-stop-shop when it comes to insurance repairs.

Want to join our Letting Agent Referral Scheme? 

You could be eligible to join our generous referral scheme too.  All you have to do when an incident arises where a landlord may need to make a claim, is put them in touch with our team and we will take over from there.

Let us handle your complex repairs and insurance claims, so that you have more time doing what you do best – managing properties and keeping clients happy! And the cherry on top? You get a referral fee for each job you refer to us.

 And don’t forget our £15 gift card staff incentive scheme. This is open to any member of your staff who lets us know about a potential insurance incident at a property, even if the claim doesn’t go forward.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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