How To Stop Leaks And Sort Your Claim

Maybe you’ve arrived home after a long weekend away, and after opening the front door you’ve noticed something was wrong – only to discover a burst water pipe. It’s an irritating and inconvenient situation, and understandably you’ll want to sort the problem as quickly as possible.

Don’t panic. Here are the steps you should take once you’ve discovered a burst pipe in your property, in easy-to follow language, so you can get back to the more important things in life.

1. Shut off your water at the stopcock

The very first thing you should do on finding a burst water pipe is shut off the water supply to your property. You can do this by locating the stopcock (usually under the kitchen sink where the pipes to your kitchen taps attach to the general water supply) and turning the dial fully to the right. This will stop more water from entering your property’s water supply.

If the burst pipe is leaking, now is the time to drain the water from your property. To do this, turn all of the cold taps on and flush the toilet until there is no more water returning to the system.

2. Contact your insurer – or even better, call us 

The very next thing you need to do is contact your insurance provider to report your claim. At Action Insurance Repair, we can put you in touch with the appropriate people who can do all f the legwork for you, reporting your claim, appointing surveyors and drying technicians and managing your claim to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Then, we carry out all of the work needed to repair your property, so every stage of your claim can be completed quickly.

Our service is absolutely free to you, the property owner. For more information, call our team for a free consultation on 01254 665 333.

3. Take photographs of the damage

Once you’ve contacted Action Insurance Repair, we’ll can set you up on the right path. We’ll introduce you to our loss assessor who can appoint surveyors should the damage be severe.

In cases where damage is limited, or where time is of the essence, documenting the damage yourself using photographic evidence to give to a loss adjuster can be extremely helpful in moving your claim through the process quickly, although you’ll need to keep hold of damaged items like carpets and furniture for them to see in person too. This is also good practice for your own records, to ensure your claim is dealt with thoroughly by your insurance provider and to give you your own peace of mind.

4. Getting it sorted

If you contacted Action Insurance Repair to fix your burst water pipe, this stage is simple – all you need to do is let our quality assured contractors complete any necessary repairs to your property. The time this takes depends on the severity of the damage caused.

Burst pipes are disruptive but they don’t have to be devastating. If you’d like advice on how to fix your burst water pipe quickly and with the least amount of fuss, please contact Action Insurance Repair now, on 01254 665 333.

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