split pipes & water leak

While visiting family in Abu Dhabi in February 2018, clients Mr and Mrs Furey were alerted to a leak in their single-storey extension by their son who was checking on the property daily while they were away.
location: lancashire
customer: mr & mrs furey

the problem

During a cold snap, the pipes in the ceiling of the extension froze and then split, causing water to leak from the pipes and spread throughout the ground floor. This seriously damaged the ceilings, walls, carpets, laminate flooring, skirting boards and decorations.

To make matters more complicated, both Mr and Mrs Furey were out of the country while the emergency repairs needed to be made, so couldn’t see and assess the damage first hand. They also weren’t in a position to arrange cleaning up work and emergency plumbers from Abu Dhabi, and meeting people from the insurance company was out of the question.



the solution

After discussing their problem with the Action Insurance Repair team, Mr and Mrs Furey were introduced to Action Insurance Repair’s independent loss assessor who reported the claim to their insurance company on their behalf.

Then, the same loss assessor met with the insurance company’s loss adjuster. From these discussions, the loss assessor obtained approval to install equipment to start drying out the property and Action Insurance Repair sent quality assured plumbers and electricians to deal with the emergency work.

“We couldn’t live in the house as it had been damaged so badly by the burst pipe. The house was completely put back to where it was while we were away. All the tradespeople were excellent and very considerate. I would choose to use them again should we ever need to.”
- Mrs Furey

why choose action insurance repair?

As Mr and Mrs Furey were unable to take care of the assessment and overseeing of their repair work, their son contacted Action Insurance Repair to take care of it. Action Insurance Repair were then able to take total responsibility of the organisation of all repairs and insurance discussions.

going the extra mile

Mrs Furey was particularly upset that she couldn’t see the damage to her home first hand, and worrying made her unhappy about returning to see her home in a mess, particularly as they had only just redecorated with brand new carpets just months before the damage was caused.

To alleviate this upset, Mr and Mrs Furey extended their stay with family in Abu Dhabi and Action Insurance Repair were able to take care of the necessary arrangements while they were out of the country. Action Insurance Repair got the ball rolling with Mr and Mrs Furey’s claim, working hard to go the extra mile to make sure their home was perfectly repaired and renovated before they returned – including installing a brand new carpet.

Mr and Mrs Furey were very happy with the work completed in their home, and stated that their dealings with Action Insurance Repair have been efficient and of an excellent standard.