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If you’ve had a frozen pipe, burst pipe or leaking pipe that has caused water damage to your property, you’ll need help from an experienced team. Excessive moisture trapped within the fabric of a building can cause significant damage if not dealt with properly.

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At Action Insurance Repair, we are a building company specialising in the insurance sector. With over 12 years of experience, we’ve helped hundreds of property owners with their insurance repairs following water damage caused by frozen pipes, and can also help with everything from organising emergency repairs, handling the cleanup and installing drying equipment. 

Aside from handling the repairs, our team of experts will manage the full insurance process, getting your property back to its original condition and getting you the best possible settlement for your insurance claim.

Our nominated Loss Assessor can manage your insurance claim completely, and handle everything from reporting your initial claim to liaising and negotiating with your insurance company and their representatives. We then ensure your property is repaired professionally and respectfully by project managing our team of quality assured contractors.

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Whether you need a quote for your repair work, or you need help with everything from dealing with your insurance claim, our team is on hand.

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