Burnley Plumber Benefits from Plumber’s Roadshow

We just wanted to say once again, a huge ‘thanks’ to everyone who came along and attended our Action Insurance Repair (AIR) roadshow a few months ago at Premier Gas, Burnley. It’s already paid off dividends for one Burnley couple who had suffered a serious leak in their kitchen.

Plumber, Barry Jenkins from Positive Plumbing Solutions was called out to Gary Heyslops’s three-bedroom semi-detached home in Burnley. The culprit was discovered to be a leaking stop tap located behind kitchen cupboards. This had been leaking for some time unbeknown to the homeowners and had caused considerable damage to the floor covering, floorboards, joists, wall plaster and fitted kitchen.

Gary said:

“AIR put us in touch with a loss assessor who dealt with everything about the claim on our behalf, we didn’t have to speak to anyone, fill out any forms or send any emails. That was a huge help in itself. They were quick at coming out and we’re really very pleased with how it all turned out.”

Plumber Barry said:

“Once Gary contacted me and I saw the damage caused, I got straight on the phone to Joanne at AIR. She was the first person I thought of. She’s a fast worker and meticulous with every job. I’m glad it all worked out nicely for Gary and, of course, I’m delighted with the referral fee I received from AIR for recommending them.”
If you have a client you’d like to refer to us for help and, at the same time, pick up a referral fee for yourself, then contact us today. 
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